How can a simple loft-extension transform your property?

Extending into your loft space can transform your property, adding vital extra space which can be used for many purposes such as an extra bedroom, home office or playroom. Extending your property in this way helps you make the most of your home space. It also allows you to avoid the stress and expense of a home move.

Bedroom and master suite space

Many people find that their once ideal home begins to lack space for a growing family, then moving home is one solution. However this is costly and time-consuming. A better alternative is to extend upwards into the existing loft space. This allows you to add an extra bedroom for a child, or alternatively to create a luxurious master suite for you to allow an escape away from the hubbub of family life. Loft conversions to provide extra bedroom space are very popular and ideally suited to the space available.

Adding a master suite will add value to your home as well as additional space. You can include bespoke storage under the eaves and perhaps even a balcony or roof terrace. Add an en suite with a shower, if you have the head height, or a freestanding bath to relax in.

Home office space

Another increasingly popular use of converted loft space is as a home office. More of us have had to adapt to working from home recently and it seems this is a trend which is set to stay. The space at the top of the house is ideal for a work from home area, allowing you to have a quiet, dedicated room away from the areas which are used for sleeping and family life.

It is important that we can leave work behind at the end of the day, and what better way to do this than to leave it on a separate floor of the house? A loft conversion will provide a light-filled workspace which can be designed around your needs, including the storage you may need to keep work documents safe and organised. You can even include a washroom to avoid unnecessary trips up and down stairs during the working day.

Hobby, games and family rooms

If you already have enough bedroom and work space in your property, you may decide to use your new loft space for a hobby, games or family room. The space available will make a fabulous home cinema or music room. If you have the benefit of interesting views, why not include large glazed areas to make the most of them and create a stunning room for relaxing as a family or entertaining guests?

Whatever you decide to use your newly extended space for, you can be assured that it will transform your home by adding a well designed extra room tailored to your own taste and needs. As an added bonus, the value of your property will be increased, too.