Ideas to Create Extra Space in Your Attic

The lockdown necessitated by the Coronavirus pandemic has led many of us to work from home far more regularly than at any time in the past. Remote working is set to become a significant part of many peoples’ routines, with many businesses announcing that they intend to make provisions for more people to work from home than before.

With additional pressures in the home, compounded by children learning remotely, many families have found their homes more crowded than usual, making the search for a quiet space to get on with things as a daily task. For some families, there is a distinct lack of suitable home space to allow everyone to do what they need to, and some kind of extension is necessary.

In many cases, the most obvious solution is to take a look into the attic and draw up plans for a loft conversion, which can easily provide additional office space, a bedroom or even play space for the children.

Check out your available loft space

One of the first things to do, and perhaps the most obvious is to check out the available loft space. Some properties have fantastic loft spaces which are eminently habitable thanks to the shape and slope of the roof, whilst others are just about large enough to fit a desk and chair along with your suitcases and the Christmas tree. With some creativity, even a modest loft space can be converted into an attic bedroom and office space, whilst still leaving ample storage space. Knowing what you have to play with helps you to make the right plan.

Talk to the experts

If you are struggling to determine how a conversion will work in your home – perhaps you are stuck with a slightly compact upper landing or the existing loft hatch is in a strange place – talking to a specialist in this kind of transformation can help you to turn a pipe dream into a reality. Specialists in loft conversions will be able to suggest solutions to many of the problems, pointing out where and how access can be achieved, as well as identifying just how much space you can expect to gain in the loft.

Consider power, light and connectivity

If you are intending to use the loft space for anything other than storage, lighting, power and connectivity are vital aspects to consider. The attic is likely to be one of the furthest areas in the home from the router, with two floors for any WiFi signals to penetrate. Powerline adaptors or a repeater on the first floor can help to boost the signal and allow those working in the attic to enjoy download speeds similar to those throughout the rest of the house. Sufficient sockets and lights are also vital to ensuring that your attic space is fit for the intended purpose.